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Discover how to boost your career and business by using public speaking skills in less than 45 mins

How to become a confident speaker in as little as 45 min even if you’ve tried everything else and failed!

Did you know that the average presenter only utilizes 30 out of 110 possible communication skills?

It’s true. Some even lose their business and careers because they can’t properly communicate their ideas.

Here’s the problem:

Like many other professionals, you struggle to effectively communicate your ideas and expertise due to a lack of specific communication and presentation skills. Which means you miss out on inspiring your team to success, you lose out on the promotion you believe you should get and you’ll lose the pitch and deal that could make you financially free.

Luckily for you, there’s now a solution. Let me introduce you to The Presentation Evaluation Call, a service that helps anyone understand their skills, define their goals and start having better presentations within 45 mins.

  • We teach you how to become efficient in your communication so you can focus on what really matters, meaning you’ll save time in your preparations.
  • Learn where your growth points are so you can deliver a powerful message and actually save money by not delivering messages that miss their point.
  • Get higher impact with your talks by saying the things your audience is actually craving and stop thinking about things “you think are valuable”.
  • Lead with clarity and become eligible for promotions by growing as a communicator, less effort spent on your message and more time unlocked to spend with your family.
  • Become the communication expert in your company, save money on other courses and mislead investments.
  • Don’t let yourself down, learn how to craft compelling messages and presentations so you’ll never have to second guess yourself again.

A science based approach to public speaking

Developed by David JP Phillips, this approach will give you the advantage in any meeting. With over 25 years of experience, thousands of keynotes and coaching hours with the biggest companies in the world, you will not be able to get these expert tips anywhere else.

David JP Phillips has spent his full adult life understanding the human mind, how to craft psychologically optimized presentations that entertain, educate and ensure your desired outcome. Together with his team he is now offering free consultation to anyone interested in growing to make sure poor communication is a thing of the past.

Don’t just take our word for it

Listen to these students who have done the call and chose to further grow through our program:

I am learning how to listen, understand, and empathize with the people around me. The "you/they" becomes more powerful than the "I". It is so eye/ear opening. This makes presentations/communication/understanding bi-directional.
Konstantinos Papageorgiou
Technical Engineer
I recently spoke in front of around 100 people, and I could feel how all the learning came to life. Managing posture, gestures, humor, etc. So many things to work on and get better at to improve as a communicator.
Luis Allo
Global Director
Being a Nasdaq listed company, some quarters are not WOW. I've been able to present quarterly reports live webcasts in the best way possible regardless of the financial result presented.
Fredrik Lindros

The Presentation Evaluation Call is a 45 min ZERO OBLIGATION call
that focuses on your communication and presentation skills:

No BS talk. We focus on your skills and where you can grow.

If you are serious about career and business growth, this is the call for you.

Get clear feedback on your skills and a plan to grow.

Book the slot that is most fitting to your schedule

This call is supported by the premium course “Presenter Mastery”. A closed community course of students who are serious about growing their career and business with the help of Presentation and Communication skills. If in the call you are seen as a good fit for our community we might offer a place, but be aware that the course is not open to anyone. We limit our intake to keep the integrity of our student group and forum.

This call is free of charge, valued at 400€ for the time and expert advice you are getting from the call. We guarantee satisfaction and value provided. If you are accepted to our Presenter Mastery course we offer a full 14-Day No Questions Asked Guarantee.

Fully booked?

Send an email to support@davidjpphillips.com to join the waitlist and be first to know when new slots are released.

PS. The number of slots for a call are limited, if you are serious about growing your career and business and understand that communication and presenting is what’s holding you back. Don’t wait on booking a slot.

PPS. Let’s be blunt: If you pass on this offer, in a month from now will you have changed what needs to change in your presentations? You’ll still wish you knew exactly how to frame your message, but you won’t know how or see the income made from it. That’s just the truth. Don’t be the person who procrastinates, take action and book now.